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500 T/H Capacity Special Stocking System Stationary Crushing Screening & Washing Plant

Fabo’s Crushing and Screening plants are consisted of two shapes for hard and abrasive stones Jaw Crusher are being used, for less abrasive stones Primary Impact Crushers are being used. Our newly developed Crushing and Screening Plants are capable of producing between 100 and 1000 tons of capacities per hour.

Upon request, our Crushing and Screening Plants can be made with Stock Conveyors or with Stock Bunkers. We have shaped our Crushing and Screening Plants according to the land conditions just to offer you a seamless construction site.Our Crushing and Screening plants that are for sale, you can easily contact our company and by that our goal is to prepare the right offers just so you can have and be an owner of our product.


500 TPH Stationary Crushing Screening & Washing Plant has one bidirectional feeding bunker (can be used as feeding or stand-by bunker), one main feeding bunker, one cone crusher upper hopper, one vertical shaft crusher upper hopper, Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher, Cone Crusher, Horizontal Screen, Dewatering Screen & Hydrocyclone System, Sludge Pump, Stock and Feedback Conveyor Belts and Control Cabinet equipment. FABO has enabled all equipment to work in harmony with each other and in this way it has been revealed and produced the 500 TPH Stationary Crushing Screening & Washing Plant. FABO FABO with the knowledge that has gained in 18 years has resulted in manufacturing durable Crushing and Screening Plants with durable production materials and is the number one solution partner of our customers with its 100% performance.

BUNKER 55 m³12×3.2 kW
1200X35000 Conveyor145 kW
22x60x4 Horizantal Screen32×22 kW
Ste 1540 Dewatering System22×7.5 kW
800×12000 Conveyor27.5 kW
800×8500 Conveyor17.5 kW
800×6000 Conveyor17.5 kW
1000×29000 Conveyor130 kW
1000×37000 Conveyor237 kW
1000×32000 Conveyor130 kW
Vsı 900 Vertical Shaft Crusher12×200 kW
CC 300 Cone Crusher1200 kW
20 m³ Bunker22×2.5 kW
800×20000 Conveyor715 kW
800×25000 Conveyor115 kW
1000×30000 Mobile Conveyor230 kW
1200×32000 Conveyor145 kW
30 m³ Bunker22×9.2 kW
Mud Pump2

55 kW

TOTAL1329.2 kW
Control Cabinet And Electric Panel1–kW
 TOTAL1329.2 kW