Yazıbaşı Mah.231/1 Sok.No:1 Yazıbaşı / Torbalı / İzmir / Turkey
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It is a washer with minimum possibility of missing a thin shaft in washing and cleaning of the dirt such as clay-mud and other in 0-5 mm natural sand obtained by sieving washing unit or crushing and screening washing unit especially from stream beds. It also performs the dewatering process by filtering the water in the sand from the perforated holes of the metal sheets founded in the buckets. The drive rotational speed of the buckets can be adjusted according to the capacity and pollution rate with the inverter – drive. In many parts of the world it is difficult to find a clean quarry in the production of concrete, asphalt, road etc. For this reason, crushed gravel which is not well qualified it is obtained and generally found in the stream bed by breaking, washing, screening and dewatering. Wash drums are often used for hard-to-wash materials. In a drum rotating at a speed of 10-12 rev / min, as the material advances from one side of the drum to the other, water enters the outlet side of the material and discharges as dirty from the inlet side of the material. The length of the drum is 3-4 times its diameter. Inside the drum there are blades that guide the material. For abrasive materials, the inside of the drum is coated with wear-resistant steel (ERD3990 or HARDOX) or rubber. The drum is driven by the help of pneumatic wheels and rotates on these wheels.